Why artists need marketing?

Getting signed to a record label used to mean you'll get someone to help you develop your talent and style, and then when you're ready, a big marketing campaign to spread the word about you. As the shape of the music industry has changed over the years though, so has what the labels will do for artists. Besides talent and production, marketing is the key component in turning an artist into a star. It amplifies your hard work and talent to millions of potential fans. Before the Internet Age, this would have just included DJs, radio stations, television and industry press. Reaching a wider audience through music promotion means you can have access not only to more fans, but also to better fans: the loyal die-hards.

  1. Find out who and where your fans are.

  2. Don't ignore existing fans while trying to make new ones.

  3. Social media music marketing strategies.

  4. Focus on creating compelling non-musical content.

  5. Send your music to blogs, playlists and press outlets.

  6. Create and monetize your own artist website.

  7. Pay for a PR/radio campaign.

It’s also said that a person needs to see or hear an advertisement multiple times before it really sinks in—depending on who you ask, it’s usually 5-12 times. That’s why media companies encourage you to run your ads often, especially with a new campaign. Got to get those reps! If you would like to talk about music in marketing, utilize the submission form to subscribe and leave a message.

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